Favorite Quarantine Thing to Do: Backyard Camping!

Graphic that says "and the whole world slowed down and enjoyed the little things" like backyard camping!

Backyard camping is our new favorite quarantine activity! We wait all year for summer so we can relax, enjoy the little things & go camping! It’s our favorite for so many reasons! Since we can’t go right now, we set up a fun backyard camping experience! It’s so easy and fun to pop up a tent and pack a picnic basket filled with yummy things to eat & drink! Watch the cute video we put together, we hope it inspires you guys to do it too with your family!

Fun Accessories For Backyard Camping!

Two of our favorite things… camping and cute mugs! These camp mugs are made to look vintage and will remind you of good memories made with family and friends! 

Girl holding camp mug while backyard camping

This tote is perfect for camping!  It’s fully insulated… keeping your food and drinks hot or cold and the velcro closure will help keep your goodies in and bugs out!

Insulated tote bag with happy sentiment, perfect for backyard camping!

Who doesn’t love a good canteen?! This stainless steel & BPA free canteen will have you feeling nostalgic and is the perfect thing to take hiking, camping or on your next road trip!

Canteens with sentiments on them, perfect for backyard camping!

This Picnic Blanket is cozy and water resistant… it’s our new favorite travel accessory! One side features our soft cozy blanket material and Chirp art and the back side is water resistant so it can handle any surface! It is perfect for camping! They are extra large but roll up and come with a strap for easy carrying! We can’t wait to take this on our next adventure!

Cute, floral picnic blanket

Our distressed canvas trucker hat is perfect for the on-the-go girl! The raw edge patch & fun printed bill are what make this hat an effortless accessory for any outfit!

Pile of cute hangout hats

We can’t wait until we can actually go camping, but until then, backyard camping is just as fun!

Girls in cute clothes camping in the backyard!

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  1. Hi, I love your chirp inspirations and whomever came up with that idea did a brilliant job every time I open my email in the morning’s sipping on my coffee the first one is my chirp daily devotional Thank, You Natural Life Brenda Watson!

  2. Michele Busboom

    Today’s chirp inspiration would be so fun to wear on a t-shirt! Love the video of backyard camping, and would be a great way to show different products to make us want to include them in our every day living. Keep celebrating life <3
    Lugs! (Love & Hugs 🙂 Michele Busboom

  3. Thank you all Soooo much for Everything, it means so much to absorb all of your childhood memories. I didn’t get a lot of that from my own family. I have built my own joyful. Kid memories from whole cloth, from within, all that I have seen in your catalogs, your blog have moved right into my heart and will live there forever as part of my own joyful life within, I just purchased quite a lot of your goodies to wear and to look are in my home. These will remind me of who I am and help me to get my happy back in hard times. Your artwork reminds me of myself at my best in my teen years. Thank you from my heart 💝🐦

  4. a little happiness goes a long way….thank you!

  5. Oh my Goodness!! I LOVE that beautiful, fun girlified tent!!! An easy set-up tent like that would be perfect as a shady spot at the beach (for my new granddaughter), a backyard retreat for girls (think temporary, totally cool, not your Mama’s, She-Shed), or the ultimate music festival tent!! You HAVE to start selling these….Please, please, please!!! 😀

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