Our Nesting Dolls Head to London!

We LOVE traveling and exploring new places! It’s one of our favorite “little things” to do in life. Every part of it is so much fun… from the planning of what to pack… to deciding on what places we will stop and see… to anticipating what interesting foods we will get to try and sharing new experiences with our favorite people in the world! We even have a new tradition we couldn’t wait to share… taking our little nesting dolls along for our adventures!

Recently Megan, one of our Product Developers, headed on a long holiday weekend to London. She just loved our new lucky little token nesting dolls so much, she decided to carry them along for the ride!

Growing up she had absolutely loved the Flat Stanley tradition, always bringing along a little token to capture fun moments and special memories of her travels. The nesting dolls seemed like the perfect traveling companions for this fun adventure!

Megan, our Product Developer, and her friend

She nicknamed them Chelsea and Carrington after two of our other Product Developers… the English names seemed perfect for this trip across the pond!

Lucky Little Token Nesting Dolls inside of their decorative Box

Their first stop in London town was a Silent Disco at the Natural History Museum. They listened to all the tunes, sang their hearts out, and danced the night away!

Nesting Dolls at a silent disco

In the morning, they hit the streets early and explored the city in their favorite mode… by way of a double decker bus! They left from Piccadilly Circus, soaking in all the sights from the top level of the bus and learned tons and TONS of new and fascinating facts about all the stops along the way!

After the tour, they headed to Notting Hill to brunch at the charming and oh so eclectic Electric Diner.

Nesting Dolls at brunch

After brunch they stumbled upon the amazing Portobello Market. They spent the afternoon antiquing the day away, searching for vintage treasures and inspiration!

The world famous portobello market

From the Market, they continued their shopping spree, spending hours drooling over all the things and exploring the caverns of Liberty London

They had to stop for Steak Frites at Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote – it’s literally the only thing on the menu!

Nesting Dolls enjoying steak frites at Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote

Then they brunched on Lebanese delicacies at Comptoir Libanais.

Lebanese delicacies at Comptoir Libanais

They took in all of the fancy frocks, fabrics, and youth quake fashion and prints that they could feast their eyes on at the Victoria and Albert Museum for the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams and Mary Quaint exhibit.

They explored the Natural History Museum to see Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon art installation

We had to stop at Harrod’s for all the dreamy flowers, desserts, cheese, treasures and things!

Harrods Dessert Bar

Next up on this busy day was Buckingham palace for all the royal gossip and champagne!

Nesting Dolls at Buckingham Palace

We enjoyed an overly fancy dinner through rose colored glasses at The infamous Sketch.

Nesting Dolls at the infamous sketch

The next day, we had Waffles for breakfast on the way to the changing of the guards at Wellington Barracks

We HAD to stop at Selfridges and Fortum and Mason for ALL the sauces and things to fill our picnic hamper full to the brim!

Nesting Dolls at selfridges

We stopped to feed the parrots apples in Kensington Gardens and walked around Diana Memorial and Statue de Peter Pan.

Here we are with a little rest & rosé at Serpentine Bar and Kitchen

Nesting dolls with rose

Dishoom Carnaby has the BEST Indian food that’s not in India!

Indian food

Tower of London to see all the jewels!

Nesting dolls with guards

We took a scenic ferry ride in the bar car around the Left Bank

Nesting dolls on ferry ride

We’ve traveled so many places throughout the years and always want to share these adventures and memories with you all!! We love the idea that now along with all of our other special traveling treasures, we can add these lucky little tokens!

We want to hear where you all like to visit and what your favorite travel destinations are… they’re what inspire us to continue making more treasures! Let us know where you would take your lucky little tokens next!!

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Graphic with nesting dolls that says: If you find someone who makes you smile, who checks up on you often to see if you're okay, who watches out for you and wants the very best for you, don't let them go. Keep them close and don't take them for granted. People like that are hard to find.

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