DIY Tie Dye Parties Are So Much Fun!

Having a DIY Tie-Dye party is so easy and fun! It has quickly become one of our new favorite things to do during this quarantine! It’s so much fun to get outside in the fresh air and make cute new things to wear! The fun thing about DIY tie-dying is […]

Fred Rogers Loved Natural Life Treasures!

Fred Rogers Loved Natural Life Treasures! “When I received this letter and book from Fred Rogers in 2001, I didn’t realize how truly special it was! He told me he gave Natural Life Treasures to people who needed kindness and love… and birthday gifts!” –Patti Hughes, Founder & CEO “When […]

Perfect gifts for Teachers!

Natural Life makes the perfect gifts for teachers! Everything is so different now! Teachers have been working so hard to get organized, give digital lessons, assign homework and go above and beyond for their students. If you’ve been home with your kids, we hope you have a newfound appreciation for […]

Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts!

Moms do the work of 20 people… for free! Find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts that shows her how much she means to you! Moms…. they helped make you who you are today! They taught you values, formed your character and nourished your passions. They care about your happiness and […]