Beautiful Girl You Can Do Hard Things

Yay! We have New & Inspiring Phone Wallpapers!

We love inspiring people to Give & Live Happy… that’s why we created the Chirp! It’s what we call the inspiring graphics that we send in a daily email and post on our Instagram. We’ve had so many people ask us to turn them into phone wallpapers so we took […]

How to Survive the Holiday Stress

I’m a morning person. When I was younger, I was particularly perky and very self-satisfied by all I could accomplish before 9 am. Part of my morning routine was an early morning check-in with my best friend, also an ambitious early riser. One year, about a week before Christmas, I […]

Girl hanging stockings by fireplace

Happiness is… Finding the Perfect Little Gift!

Sometimes it really is more fun to give than it is to receive! Especially when you find the perfect little gift that you can’t wait to give to your loved ones and watch their reaction! That feeling is what inspires us to make irresistible treasures that make everyday life more […]

Girl Talk Chapter at Natural Life Story

Girl Talk: Peer-to-Peer Mentoring for Middle School Girls

We love sharing this amazing organization every chance we get! Girl talk began in 2002 when one high school girl identified a problem and decided to make a difference. Haley Kilpatrick founded the first Girl Talk Chapter in Albany, Georgia, to help her younger sister through the challenging years of […]

How you can Help Inspire Kids in School!

Growing up can be so tough at times, especially with the pressure that kids face today with technology, bullying and the always connected mentality. Lizz, our Art Director, saw something on Facebook that inspired her and knew it would help inspire kids at school too! As told by Lizz… Back […]

Not to spoil the ending

It’s Such a Mom Thing to Say…

Advice from Kim Vincenty, inspiration behind the FEARLESS Collection! It’s going to be okay… “It’s such a “mom” thing to say! I’ve said it a million times. Ironically, I have led a support group for years, and one of the first things we tell families is not to reassure their […]