So Proud of Our Warehouse!!

“I am beyond proud, amazed, thrilled, happy, and so many more emotions…of the culture we’ve created at Natural Life both at our office and at our warehouse! We are doing amazing things that felt impossible just last year!

Take a look at the fun video my daughter, Madison, put together that shows the magic of Natural Life at our cutting edge Distribution Center that we are so proud of! This team deserves to shine!”

– Patti Hughes, Natural Life Founder & CEO

A little over two years ago we made the scary but super important decision to build our own warehouse. We knew it’d be a lot of work but we couldn’t wait to have an efficient warehouse that functions exactly the way we want it. It made us so sad when we heard from customers that their items were broken or missing and we knew we had to do something about it!

We put together an amazing team who spent so much time making this their passion project, paying attention to every major detail from the conveyor belt placement to the little things like a cardboard shredder for recycled box packaging!

When we were moving warehouses, everyone from the office and our new warehouse team pitched in to inventory every product, physically move everything, put items in their new location and count every item again. It feels so good when you have a passionate and dedicated team that feels like family, marching towards one goal. Our warehouse is proof that when you really want something and work really, really hard… MAGIC happens!

Feedback like this is what makes all of the hard work worth it!

“Very fast shipping! I am so delighted that my teacher gifts (that I ordered last minute) will be arriving before the break! As always I’m sure I will be pleased with the quality of product as well. Well done shipping department!”


This is us celebrating the very first order shipping from our brand new warehouse! This project felt impossible before we started but we did it!!

First order shipping from new warehouse

“Merry Christmas from the warehouse. This team never ceases to amaze me!! So thankful for them and their hard work, commitment, and dedication. So proud to be a part of this team!!!”- Nate, Warehouse Manager

Warehouse team posing in front of Natural Life banner

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  1. Good Morning…I am the secretary for a very small rural school in Maine. I was gifted w/one of your bags that of course I LOVE! (GBAG060) I don’t see it listed? I LOVE to Celebrate the teachers here for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8). I was wondering if there was a possibility that you would consider donating 25 bags to the staff? Thank you for creating such phenomenal and inspiring products. Namaste, Miss Marty

  2. Hi Miss Marty! Please submit a donation request here!! 🙂

  3. Love this brand and glad to see the warehouse is crushing it! I hope you all keep up the good work and stay healthy!

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