The 2019 Natural Life Holiday Party!

Every year we look forward to the Natural Life Holiday Party! The things we love most about this day have become treasured annual traditions. The office team works so hard to make our space look magical… they put a ton of attention on the Christmas decorations, fresh flowers, candles, lights and fun little details!

Employees at the Natural Life Holiday Party

The food is made special by our very own, Chef Brian! He made delicious small bites that were perfect for snacking on while hanging out with each other! We love our open office space and being able to all sit together.

The white elephant gift exchange is a highlight every year! The rule is that you’re not supposed to spend a lot money on it… you have to bring in something fun from home, make something or buy a gift that will get a good laugh. A few standouts from this past year were a Crafting with Cat Hair book, a yodeling pickle, a massive teddy bear, a shark beach towel and a baby Yoda ornament! The best part about it is that if it’s your turn, you can either pick a present to unwrap or you can steal someone else’s present, but one gift can only be stolen twice! It makes for a ton of laughs… and even a few tears!

Left, right, center has become our newest tradition. It’s so fun to see how much everyone gets into it… even though it really is just based on luck! If you’ve never played before, everyone starts with 3 one-dollar-bills and rolls three dice. If they roll a “r” they have to pass a dollar bill to the person to their right, if they get a “l”, they pass a bill to their left, if they roll a “c”, they give a dollar to the center pot and if they get a circle, they get to keep their dollar. The last person standing gets the full pot in the middle!

Patti’s favorite part of the Natural Life Holiday Party was thanking everyone for their hard work with a Christmas Bonus AND the special gift of closing our offices at 3 pm every Friday. We love to inspire people to Give & Live Happy and it feels good to give that back to the Natural Life Family!

Patti giving her speech at the Natural Life Holiday Party

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