The Lucky Little Token Set Makes The Best Gift For Your BFF!

Sentiment graphic with quote about hope

This Lucky Little Token Set is so unique and inspiring! A small treasure to place in your pocket as a reminder of the power of good thoughts. Keep one for yourself and give the other to your BFF as a reminder of friendship and how much they mean to you! They come in the cutest little box for easy gifting!

The Lucky Little Token Set is so inspiring and has such a special message!

Carry this lucky little token my friend, wherever you may be, as a reminder of our friendship and how much you mean to me. A best friend is always there for you, whether near or far apart because true friends mean the most and are always in your heart.

Photo of outside of Lucky Little Token Set

The inside of the lid has the sweet story of the meaning behind these printed on it!

Photo of inside lid of the lucky little token set

Keep one and give the other one to her!

Tiny treasures are throughout our product line! We love making little things that you can fill cubby shelves with… it’s just so fun!

Photo of cubby filled with critters from the different lucky little token sets

We make so many fun gifts whether you want to surprise someone with a little something or you just need one more thing to round out your entire gift! Some of our favorite small treasures and gifts under $15 are hair accessories like scrunchies and Boho Bandeaus or things for your home like tiny faux succulents, happy clips for your chips and glass trays. We have other fun everyday things like journals, phone pocket rings, keychains, tiny faux succulents and soooo much more! You’ll have so much fun discovering our tiny trinkets and treasures! It’s the little things!

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