Do You Remember Cat’s Cradle?

Do You Remember Cat’s Cradle? Cats Whiskers! Jacob’s Ladder! Witch’s Broom! Eiffel Tower! Everyone’s favorite string game must live on forever! It’s crazy how your fingers remember the string game tricks so quickly after years of not playing! We were excited to make a Natural Life Cats Cradle in hopes […]

Our LOVE for Coffee!!

Our LOVE for Coffee!! International Coffee day is September 29th and the perfect prompt to write about how much we love coffee!  We’ve noticed that coffee shops bring communities and people together and think the world needs more of that! If you are in a coffee shop and aren’t already […]

Keep Calm and Shop Early!

2020 is the year to plan ahead for holiday giving! Between Shipping delays and social distancing… 2020 is the year to get your holiday shopping done early! “Dear Friends,The more we learn from our shipping carriers, the more strongly we feel about spreading the word! As I’m sure you’ve already […]

Is a Good Cry Really… Good?

“Most people will admit to having at least one good cry since March. As our world closed down and activities came to a screeching halt, fear and anxiety began to rule the day. So why then do we call it a “good cry” when everything seems terrible? Tears are a […]

2020- The Year of the House Dress!

The Year of the House Dress! We understand the magic of the house dress… We’ve always made them and can barely keep them in stock! People are catching onto their appeal after being cooped up over the past six months and House Dresses have become a thing! They’re functional, comfortable […]