Yay! We have New & Inspiring Phone Wallpapers!

We love inspiring people to Give & Live Happy… that’s why we created the Chirp! It’s what we call the inspiring graphics that we send in a daily email and post on our Instagram. We’ve had so many people ask us to turn them into phone wallpapers so we took our a few of our most loved Chirps and made inspiring phone wallpapers for you!

If you’re already on your phone, just hold down your finger on the photo you’d like to make your wallpaper, then tap “Add to Photos”. Once you’ve saved all of the wallpapers you want to use, go to your photos and tap “Use as Wallpaper”. Then you can zoom in or out depending on how you want to use it!

We use our phones so for many different things during the day… texting, taking photos, social media, work, banking, reading the news… literally for everything! Sometimes it can get so overwhelming and we have really loved having a phone wallpaper that inspires us to be positive, enjoy the little things and remind us of what’s really important!

“A great attitude becomes a great day which becomes a great year which becomes a great life”

Mandy Hale

Here are a few more easy things that have made a big difference in our lives!

  • Spend quality time with people you love
  • Get outside and enjoy the fresh air
  • Give yourself a break, both physically and mentally. You don’t have to do it all, all the time!
  • Practice gratitude and focus on what you do have, instead of what you don’t
  • Give back to your community. If you need any ideas of how to start, read about how these amazing women have used their talents and resources to positively impact their community! Lizz, Jan, Eleven22 and Haley!

Comment below if you have any questions and let us know what other inspiring phone wallpapers you’d like for us to make!

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  1. Hi! Love your site, your daily chirps seriously are the best thing to wake up to and read each day! Do you still mail catalogs? I had signed up for them last year and received a few and then haven’t gotten anymore since the summer ’19 one! Just hoping I’m not missing out is all! Keep up the amazing and inspiring work you all do! 💕♒🦄

  2. Aww thanks Melissa!! That makes us so happy! We do still mail catalogs! You may have fallen off our list though so please request one again here, https://www.naturallife.com/catalog-request. You should get our next one this spring! You can view our last catalog here too! https://www.naturallife.com/catalog

  3. The daily chirps are fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thanks, Merrill!! That makes us sooo happy to hear! 😊

  5. I love everything about naturallife.
    You’re more than a product…you’re a positive state of mind, a hope to some, and a reminder to be grateful for everything.

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